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WorkPower was established in Tampere and we began our operations with leasing construction employees. The basic idea was to service our clients and employees so well that there’s still work tomorrow. It’s people who make the result.

The idea bore fruit and accelerated further. The industrial sector joined the construction industry, along with the healthcare sector. We opened offices in Helsinki, Pori, Jyväskylä, Turku, Oulu, Lappeenranta, Kuopio and Seinäjoki. We also expanded our operations abroad. In 2004 we established the Tallin office and 2006 was the year we opened the Polish office. We expanded our selection of services to include occupational safety and hot work licence training. By 2008, several thousand professionals from Finland, Estonia and Poland had found work through us.

The economic recession hit us with its severity. Our clients’ volume of orders collapsed and so did your turnover. We needed to downsize extensively and close down many of our offices.  We learned much the hard way.

2010-2013   The new period of growth began with the snowy winter of 2010. Our clients asked for an increasing number of office personal and staff for the service sector and logistics, so we expanded our operations to meet the demand. Competition in the sector was harder than ever. We relied on our core values and it paid off.

As the need for flexibility in working life increased, we centralized our staff outsourcing solutions into its own unit. The year 2014 was a period of growth, the number of clients we served grew 32 percent over the previous year. WorkPower’s original managing director Teemu Niemenmaa became the chairman of the board and Anja Pajala from inside the company was selected as the new managing director.

People play the key role, today and in the future.