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  1. Fast and easy employment: You are included in many different selection processes with one application / interview.

  2. Potential for permanent employment: More and more of our temporary agency employees are recruited into the client company.

  3. Arrival into Finland: We will assist you in travel arrangements and in getting an apartment and furnishings.

  4. Smooth registrations: We help you with registrations required by law and provide information on public services.

  5. Punctual payment of salary: We pay wages to hourly employees every 2 weeks and on the last business day of the month for employees who receive a monthly salary.

  6. Reliable employer: We have employed people from abroad since 2004.

  7. Support and assistance: Our friendly and helpful staff is happy to help you. It is easy to contact us.


Here are some samples of the results of an employee satisfaction survey we conducted:

The experiences of all the respondents regarding the job interview situation were positive. Four out of five interviewees described the setting as relaxed. Others described it with the words nice, businesslike and pleasant.

“No empty promises were given in connection with the job interview. Promises were fulfilled better than could be expected when work was promised already for the next day at the interview.”

All respondents felt welcome when they started working for WorkPower. Reasons cited for this included friendliness and expertise of the staff, the trustworthy and warm spirit, understanding, cheerfulness, properness and honesty. All of the respondents felt that the staff of WorkPower were approachable and very easy to reach.

About 75% of the interviewees said the temporary agency work was fully in line with expectations or exceeded their expectations. Over 80 percent of those interviewed described their experiences with WorkPower better than they expected.

Employees were asked how actively they looked for other work while employeed at WorkPower. Four out of five respondants said they do not look for other jobs at all or hardly at all. Nearly all respondents would recommend temporary agency work and WorkPower as an employer to their acquaintances.

“I’ve had enough work to do because I have shown that I can do the job well.”