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Staff leasing

Staff leasing offers a flexible way of hiring new personnel quickly, but it also acts as a recruitment channel for employers. Many of our workers end up working for our client companies. Thanks to our experience, we understand the specificities of different industries and job profiles, and we do our part to ensure that our clients always have the workforce they need.

Staff leasing – a safe solution for employers

The economic outlook for the HR services sector took a significant upward turn in the spring of 2021, as the turnover of staffing services increased by nearly 40% from the previous year (HPL, 2021).

Staff leasing agencies are a strong source of employment both in times of growth and in times of uncertainty. The use of agency-hired labour offers employers a low-risk opportunity to hire staff on a temporary or permanent basis. Our job is to facilitate our clients’ daily lives and support their road to success.



Staff leasing offers companies an easy way to manage fluctuating staffing needs, even when the length of the employment period is unknown, or there is no certainty about the continuity of the work.

Direct hire recruiting, in which a company relies on the expertise of a staffing agency to employ workers directly, is also becoming increasingly popular. In addition to these two options, many of our experts who start out as temporary workers end up working for the client company.

Studies show that temporary workers are happy in their jobs

The Agency Worker Survey conducted by the Private Employment Agencies’ Association HPL (HPL, 2018) shows that hiring a temporary worker can bring enthusiastic and motivated talent to your team. More than 7,000 temporary agency workers responded to the survey, and up to 70% of them said they were excited about their work. The figure was slightly lower among employees working in low-level positions.

👉 Are you already familiar with our Vain Työelämää video series, which explores the twists and turns of working life? Check out episode 1 to learn more about the development of the staffing sector (in Finnish).

HPL’s studies reveal that agency workers’ general attitudes towards temporary agency work have developed in a positive direction, with 88% recommending it to their friends and acquaintances. Our own experience also supports these results. We want to play our part in matching the right company with the right employee.

The benefits of staff leasing for your business

  1. Timely resources 🎯
  2. Access to WorkPower’s efficient recruitment process and extensive pool of experts.
  3. More predictable and reduced staff costs.
  4. Improved employer image by leaving the recruitment process in the capable hands of WorkPower.
  5. Temporary workers can turn to permanent employees.
  6. Allows you to bring in external expertise to your team.

Staff leasing across industries

Thousands of workers and industry experts

WorkPower’s employee network includes thousands of professionals, from which we can identify the right person, team or expert for your company. If we cannot find a suitable candidate in your region, we will expand our search and look for candidates willing to move within the country or even from abroad.

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