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Skilled workforce through training

WorkPower’s versatile training services will help you solve your resourcing challenges. We offer efficient training solutions that are tailored to your company’s specific needs.

5 reasons why companies choose WorkPower’s training solutions

  1. Our training concept is fully refined and tested
  2. We take care of the selection of talent
  3. We understand our clients’ needs
  4. The client company can focus on their core competences
  5. Cooperation is easy and efficient

Strengthen your business with our training services

The change in the job market is reflected in increased competition for talent across industries. Instead of competing for visibility, you should take advantage of WorkPower’s tailor-made training solutions. Our training solutions provide:

  • Relief to staff shortages
  • More visibility in the market
  • Opportunities for business growth through skilled staff
  • Savings through cost-effective training

In general, the training lasts 3–4 months. The content can be tailored to different sectors, taking into account the specific skills requirements of the sector and the company’s resourcing challenges. WorkPower takes care of the following tasks:

  • Customising training to the needs of your company
  • The implementation of the training process
  • Training of workers by professionals in the field

Joint training course for employers and employees – ensuring a successful working life

The training serves as additional or further training and supports the development of the employee’s professional skills. As part of the training, the employee will learn about the employer company’s practices and culture, and the employer will learn about the employee’s personality and professional strengths.

We want to play our part in supporting our clients’ growth. Through training, we can provide new and skilled talent and qualified workforce to companies. Collaboration with our client companies is also an engine that benefits society as a whole.” Joona Jokinen, WorkPower

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An easy way to ensure skilled workers

Our training concept is fully refined and tested. We take care of marketing, the selection of candidates, and implement the theoretical elements together with our national training network. The client company will be responsible for providing practical training for the employees selected for the training.

Experts from a wide range of industries

Our business-oriented training is designed to solve the specific workforce challenges of your sector and your company. Training can be tailored to the needs of the construction, logistics, industry or care sectors, for example.

How can we help you?

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