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Every year approximately 1,000 employees work through WorkPower and several hundred more are recruited to our client companies.

An employment contract mediated by WorkPower can be indefinite or fixed-term. In temporary agency work, your employer is WorkPower. You may also be recruited into our client company through us, in which case our client company is your employer. Recruitment may happen immediately, which is called a direct recruitment – or through temporary agency employment.

The duration of a temporary agency employment relationship depends on the labor needs of the client company. The employment may last years. In temporary agency work, the actual place of employment may change, but your employer will always remain the same. We try to provide our employees with a new job assignment immediately after the previous one ends.

In the case of temporary agency employment, we handle the employee’s payment of salary, holiday pay, social security expenses of salary, occupational health care, insurance and work clothing. We always pay a salary in accordance with the job and its difficulty. It is always paid at least according the collective labor agreement. When you work through WorkPower you get covered by Finland social security (Kela), and you generate a pension. Additionally we help with questions regarding taxation, bank accounts etc.

Our client company is responsible for supervising the work of the employee. Orientation with duties, workplace practices, facilities and equipment takes place where the work is performed by the managers of the client company. We provide orientation in issues concerning the employment relationship such as payment of salary. Our interpreters will help you if necessary.